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Are you on Instagram and want to add more value to your content? Or are you unsatisfied with your current status on Instagram? Do you require a larger audience to achieve your desired level of reach? Buy Instagram views and add value to your account to achieve all of these goals as quickly as possible. We live in a fast-forward era where no one waits for others. Everyone is part of the race; you must win at all costs to survive diligently. This clearly explains the significance of Instagram views.

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There are three simple steps you have to go through when you are buying a package from our site.


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Why SocialBuddy is The Best Site to Buy Instagram Views

Buy Instagram video views from SocialBuddy because we are offering the best of the best services to the clients. We have been doing the job efficiently for so long, and we know what your account craves.

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On-Time Delivery​

We don't believe on delays, SocialBuddy is always follow the time lines and deliver the views on time.

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24/7 Customer Support

We have the quickest response time as you can talk to us through our customer care service from our site. If you have queries, you can leave an email for us, and we’ll respond in 24 hours.

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Strong Refund Policy

Although it is the digital era and everything has become online, people still fear fraud. To make people trust us, we offer a 100% refund policy.

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Privacy & Safety

No third party is involved in our package ordering and delivering procedure. We always give priority to the client’s privacy and security.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Views

Are you tired of the usual marketing and promotions of your account? Are you using a hefty sum of money? Yet the results are uncleared and uncertain. If in need a reliable, confident and authentic way to increase your views, then come to Socialbuddy to get the high quality Instagram views. You can get the following benefits:

increase your sales

Increase Your Sales

After blogging, Instagram has become mostly about business, especially small businesses. Instagram is an excellent platform for managing small businesses, but growing on a platform with a massive audience is a little complicated. You have to promote and advertise your account, and what is the best? Buy Instagram views because it is the best solution to take your business to another level. People never buy from a new account because they are concerned about the page. Getting paid views will increase public trust in you as they will see a significant number of views on your videos they get assured that your page is real. 

How will they know about your product, or how will they trust enough to buy? We have a solution for these difficulties. Purchase Instagram views for videos and get a hold of the audience visiting your profile. More views mean more people will trust and buy from you.

Allure Your Brands with Higher Reach and Engagement

If you are a blogger, you are standing in the exact place you need to. Bloggers earn money by promoting different brand products. However, brands acquire people who are popular on Instagram with a broad audience. Video views are one of the primary factors to make you famous. So if you want the brand to acquire you for promotions, you must buy Instagram views for videos.

No one creates a public account on Instagram without having a proper goal. Why do people share content if they don’t have the public to watch, share and appreciate it? It is evident that content creator needs a high number of views on their videos. More views on your videos will make your reach higher and your content engagement. Reach and engagement is the crest points to make your account visible to a larger number of people.                            

Exposure On An International Scale

Exposure on An International Scale

Each kind of content needs a specific audience to make it popular and caught attention and appreciation. To target a specific audience, you can get paid Instagram views as these video views make your account and videos a part of your Explore feed on Instagram and most of the people of your content are because of Explore feed.

Want to buy views using the best medium? Buy Instagram views with PayPal. It is an internationally supported, legal, authentic and verified medium to transfer money.

Increase Your Content Visibility with Cheap Views

We know Instagram is a platform developed to share pictures and videos, and the audience has also increased frequently at the arrival of reels. If your budget is limited, come to SocialBuddy to buy cheap Instagram viewsOur pricing list is very reasonable and approachable, and you can get your required views at minimal prices compared to other companies. Video or reel views are vital for your survival on Instagram as 

  • These views can increase your digital worth.
  • Reveal your content to a large number of people.
  • Significant number of views will attract more people to your content.
  • People tend to like videos with many views.
  • Buying views for your Instagram videos is the quickest way to increase your worth on Social media.
Increase Your Content Visibility with Cheap Views

Frequently Asked Questions​

Yes, we offer custom-made packages too. Our clients can tell us their requirements, and we will make a package according to their needs.


Buying Instagram viewersfrom SocialBuddy is compelling as it will add more worth to your account. More people will come to you after seeing your number of views.


SocialBuddy offers 24/7 customer care live service. You can contact us from our site if you have any queries to resolve your confusion.


You can get a full refund if we fail to deliver to you what we have promised you to deliver. For detailed criteria, you can visit the ‘Refund policy’ section.


We accept payment from all the authentic and legit mediums such as VISA, bank cards, and accounts alongside Paypal. These mediums are also internationally supported, safe, legit and have encrypted settings.

SocialBuddy does not ask for your passwords and other security details; we know these are confidential things, and you must protect them.

You won’t get banned from Instagram if you have bought views as we do not conduct any illegal activity. We have real accounts and people associated with us, they work for us, and we pay them. That’s how people will increase your views.

There is no restriction to a specific digit; you can buy as many as you want. You can buy Instagram viewers whenever you feel right about buying.

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